Will TikTok Be Deleted In 2022 (Find Out Here)

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Apr 16, 2022


Even with the tremendous growth of the ByteDance video sharing app (TikTok), many people have wondered if the app will be deleted or banned in 2022.

As we know, over the years, the video-sharing company TikTok has become of the most popular social media sites in existence, but that has not in any way gotten rid of the backlash it has been getting.

So in this post, I will be answering the question and give some helpful hints about why there are rumours that the app has been deleted in 2020

Will TikTok Be Deleted In 2022

To put it shortly, TikTok will not be deleted in the UK and US in 2022.

Even though so many tweets and comments had proposed that the app's ending is nigh, ByteDance (parent company of TikTok) has not said anything regarding any plan to close it down.

Several efforts to prohibit the website in the United States occurred under Donald Trump's administration, prompting a lawsuit against the US government.

Is TikTok Banned

TikTok is still available in most major countries for free; however certain countries have made efforts to prohibit its use.

Several nations, including Ireland and Italy, have initiated investigations to see if the social media site constitutes a threat to national security.

So far, they have discovered no indication that the site shared sensitive user data with the Chinese government.

Keep in mind that several nations, like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and those in the Middle East, are concerned about the content provided by TikTok.

As a result, the app's makers strive to keep the software clean and family-friendly.

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TikTok is still prohibited in India because the Indian government got concerned about security concerns and imposed a ban on the site and 59 other Chinese applications. TikTok has over 610 million users in India before this.

Is TikTok coming back to India in 2022

In short, Yes, Following the relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India, it is now expected that the Chinese short video-making app TikTok will also make a return in the country.

This development comes as the United States shifts its stance on the app, with President Biden lifting the ban imposed by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

According to The Print, TikTok representatives approached the IT ministry and PMO officials, reiterating that ByteDance and TikTok will work to comply with the 2021 intermediary guidelines.

TikTok has already hired nodal and grievance officers in India to prepare for its return to India and comply with the Centre's new IT rules. It is eager to collaborate with the Modi government to examine security.

Final Thoughts

According to the data out there, TikTok will not be banned anytime soon in the US and Uk.

This means that TikTok has come to stay, and it might likely be relaunched in India.

If you have been wondering if the app will be deleted in 2022 or not, then I hope this post has made everything clear to you and that you shouldn't be worried.

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