Truth Social Error Missed a Step [Causes & Updated Fixes]



April 9, 2024

Since the launch of the Truth Social application in February by former president Trump, many users have been trying to get on board to finally experience what the app promises, which is said to encourage open and honest conversions without getting discriminated against, banned, or censored unnecessarily.

However, this rush by many users hasn’t been smooth for everyone. During the first beta version release period, there have been several reports and issues regarding the difficulty in registering, one of which was “Missed a Step Error”.

This article will look at why this error occurs in the first place and possible fixes. Let’s get into it.

What is the Truth Social Missed a Step Error?

The Truth Social Missed a Step Error is a standard error encountered by users during registration. It is usually caused by the number of users trying to gain access to the website, meaning there are many requests on its servers that possibly can’t be handled all at once.

Usually, as the error name might sound, it will look as if you missed a step, but that’s not always the case because you can still go all over the process trying to register and still find the same error persisting.

Causes of “You Missed a Step Error” Truth Social

The Truth Social You missed a Step Error is caused by the following;

Too many server requests

Truth social has what it calls the waiting list; as said earlier, the error is caused by the number of requests from its server because of the number of users trying to get on board and use the application.

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How to Fix the Truth Social Missed a Step Error.

Below are some of the possible ways you can get this error fixed;

Restart Your Device

Restarting your device would be helpful as the application might malfunction, which might be resolved by shutting down and turning on your device. To do this;

Step 1: Switch off your device, press your power button, and follow the prompt or whatever suits you.

Step 2: Turn on your device, open the app and check if you are still encountering the issue.

Check The Internet Connection

Try checking your internet connection, as it might be the simple fix to the problem.

Disconnect from your Wi-Fi, turn off the mobile data connection, and vice versa, and check if the issue has been fixed.

Reinstall Truth Social App

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, as it might solve the problem. To do this;

Step 1: Navigate to the Truth Social app and long-tap on it

Step 2: Tap the uninstall option and delete the app.

Step 3:Go to the App Store.

  • Download the application.
  • Install it.
  • Try the process to see if your problem has been fixed.

Clear Cache Memory

Clearing the cache memory is another way to fix this issue, as unnecessary data are usually stored on our devices to enable smooth application usage. To do this;

Step 1: Go to settings on your device.

Step 2: Go to apps and navigate to the Truth Social app

Step 3: Tap on the app and click clear cache

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Step 4: Open the app to see if the issue has been resolved.

Contact the support team.

Contacting and complaining to their support team will be the last option. We believe they will always help you get the issue fixed if the above options don’t work. Here is their support email address

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Final Thought

The Truth Social You Missed a Step Error is caused by the numerous requests the platform has by its users can be fixed if you follow the above steps.

Try restarting your device, uninstalling the application, or contacting their support to help you fix it if you have tried all the possible fixes.

I hope this guide was helpful; please comment if you have any questions as we reply to all. Thanks for reading.

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