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April 9, 2024

If you have just been placed on the Truth social waiting list, then don't worry. You are not alone.

It is always a pain when you sign up on a platform you just heard about or have known about for a while, and then you cannot use it because of some waiting list thing.

In this article, I will walk you through how you can get your account approved faster on the Truth social platform.

But before we talk about how you can be approved faster, let's look at the Truth Social waiting list.

What is the Truth Social waiting list?

Simply put, the Social waiting list lists queued users trying to get onto the platform.

According to Truth Social, this is a result of "huge demand" for the program and is done so to prevent its servers from being overloaded at once.

Additionally, Truth Social needs to be more transparent about how quickly the queue is going.

Why Your Truth Social Waitlist Number Isn't Changing

Users may check the iPhone app to see whether their position in line has changed after signing up for Truth Social and being added to the queue.

The refresh icon, which resembles two arrows in a circle, is next to the queue number. By tapping it, a queue position for Truth Social should change with a new number. It appears to be failing, though.

Even after being on the waiting for several days, pressing the refresh button can not make any difference to the waitlist, giving the impression that you need to move forward with joining Truth Social.

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Why doesn't that figure fluctuate? Again, Truth Social's lack of communication leaves room for confusion. It's probably another hiccup, given all the flaws and problems Truth Social encountered at launch.

Your position in the queue will probably increase even if the app doesn't show it.

It would be best if you had notifications turned on for the app to be alerted when you are ultimately taken off the Truth Social queue.

To do this;

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone,
  • Scroll down the screen, select "Truth Social," then select
  • Now tap 'Notification' and tap on allow.

Long-term prospects for Truth Social are not promising, given this failed release, but that is how the queue operates and how to handle it.

How To Get Account Approve Faster

It will only take two minutes to complete this process, which is relatively easy to understand.

1. Open the TruthSocial application.

2. You will receive a pop-up stating that you are "one step closer" if you confirm your account by SMS.

P.S. Go to the App Store, search for the truth social app, and if it requires an update, update it if you are still waiting to see this pop-up. The app can also be reinstalled.

3. Entering your phone number is the only thing left to do. Within four to five business days, your account will be authorized.

Note: TruthSocial now accepts only American phone numbers. Numbers from other nations won't function.

Truth social waiting list

Truth Social has a very long waiting list. Thus, there is no set period within which accounts will be authorized. The procedure outlined above will improve the likelihood of having an account approved as quickly as feasible.

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Latest improvements in the Truth Social app

  • There is a heart-shaped animated "like" symbol available.
  • Now, while writing a fresh Truth, you can make the most of a brand-new hashtag typehead function.
  • The max follower count problem now comes with a notice.
  • The 'Media' page in a user's profile will now include their answer to another user's Truth.
  • The "Current Password" box on the "Change Password" screen now features a "Show/Hide" button.
  • With the new long-press copy-paste feature, full-screen pictures may be copied directly.
  • To improve the experience of users, significant performance enhancements have also been made.

Is the Truth Social Now available for P.C?

If the Truth Social app will be available on P.C. is something that many people are curious about. However, iOS users may only get this software via the Appstore.

This suggests that the software will be available for download and usage by iOS users. Here are some instructions to get you started if you genuinely want to download Truth Social for P.C. It's also crucial to remember that you will need an emulator.

There are other simulators available, but we'll focus on iPad-based simulations. You can download the majority of applications using this emulator.

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Unfortunately, Truth Social has yet to notice or comment on the signup issue or the waitlisting of users.

We hope the developers can find a quick solution to the problems mentioned earlier so that interested parties may use the social media platform once more.

But now, you can follow the few steps and processes in this article to help you minimize your waiting time.

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