How To Identify Fake Airpods In 2024 (Don't Be Scammed)



April 9, 2024

Nowadays Fake AirPods models are currently becoming more rampant than ever thereby making it difficult for people to identify the fake ones.

As a result of these factors, many individuals are losing money as a result of counterfeit items.

In this article, you’d learn how to identify fake AirPods so you don’t end up buying one because purchasing counterfeit items is a painful experience that we all have to go through at some time in our lives.

That's what you call a "costly" error when it happens with a device as costly as AirPods.

How to identify a fake airpod
Okay, so by the end of this checklist you will be able to identify a FAKE Airpod from a REAL one

Step 1: Real vs fake AirPods case

Fake vs Real Airpod

So if you look carefully, on the counterfeit AirPods case, the button is set higher than it should be.

Secondly, the  “Designed by Apple in California / Assembled in China” text is printed in different shades of grey and only thicker on the fake air pods

You can also see that the spacing between the hinges and the text is different.

Step 2: Check whether the serial number matches Apple’s official records

This whole journey of spotting a fake Airpod from a real one is the most recommended strategy.

Since this means going to Apple's official website to confirm your purchase and be sure that your product corresponds with Apple's record.

However, this process may be limited because you might only be able to do it when the AirPods are with you.

Nevertheless, that is the reason why this checklist is not stopping here.

Airpdod Serial number

As you can see in the image above, around that area is where you will find a code unique to each Apple's Airpod once you have seen the code write it down and go to Apple's official website here
Airpod serial number checker
After landing on Apple's official website, the above is what you will see, just pop in your serial number and you are good to go.

If you purchased genuine Apple headphones, there will be confirmation points from the company's official website.

If Apple didn't make your AirPods, they wouldn't be able to look up the serial number in their database. As a result, once you've validated the code, You'll get an error message.

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fake vs real airpods

Keep in mind that fake AirPods with a legitimate charging case or retail packaging might be purchased. If that's the case, you'll need to seek for further evidence to see if they're authentic.

However, for better understanding and clarification you can watch the video below and how to do it.

Step 3: Look for the lightning port carefully.

Next on how to identify fake Airpods, you will have to take a careful look at the lighting port,  below is the image.

fake vs real airpod lighting port

As you can see, the metal outline that wraps around this port on the fakes is thicker while and the authentic is lighter, however giving it a different form.

Apart from that, even if the light angle in the fake vs genuine AirPods comparison is different, there is a color variation.

Step 4: Analyze the AirPod's underside

fake vs real airpod undersides

As you can see, this diffuser has a unique form. Genuine AirPods exist in a variety of forms, but they should always be oval in shape.

Fakes, on the other hand, appear to achieve a diffuser shape that is more like a circle than an oval.

Furthermore, the difference between the two white stripes at the bottom is underlined in a square.

Not only are the fake AirPods different in color, but they also have these strips positioned at far deeper depths.

Step 5: Examine the Airpod speaker grill.

Another step we'll be taking in spotting a fake Airpod is analyzing the speaker grill.

how to identify fake vs real airpod

The IR proximity sensors on the original AirPods are flush with the AirPods' body. While the black dots protrude on the fake AirPods, you can hardly feel them when you touch them.

The grills beside the IR proximity sensors, as well as the top of the AirPods (not seen in the image above) and the body of the genuine AirPods, have no gap.

There is a gap between the fake ones, signifying a serious compromise on the quality

You can also see that structure of the speakers can be seen clearly through the grill on the authentic AirPods, but not so much on the fake ones.

Step 6: Connecting Voice/Sound.

The next step we'll be taking is considering the sounds that come up when you actually connect your AirPods to a device

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Normally, an authentic Airpod gives a sound to notify you that it is connected.

However, the counterfeit will say connected (with a lady's voice), and obviously, that's not Apple's product.

We do not doubt that these rival manufacturers can still imitate Apple's original sound, but this is not always the case.

Step 7: Compare the fake and real AirPods boxes for any inconsistencies

Those small touches are one of the things that make consumers fall in love with Apple goods. Apple never fails to impress, from the product to the package.

We'll compare and contrast both retail boxes (the real and the fraudulent), and discover what the differences are. Here's what we discovered:

On the other hand, the authentic box received two different stickers, but the fake box received only one.

how to identify fake vs real airpods

When you look at another aspect of the box cover, you'll see that the fonts are obviously different. The fonts on the authentic box are smaller and have less space between them.

The fonts on the counterfeit one, on the other hand, are slimmer.

how to identify fake airpods

Now looking at the bottom of the enclosed box we notice three things;

1. The authentic box has a very little gap between the cover and the box. On the fake AirPods box, you can see that there is more room and that the gap is widening.

2. The fake box's lightning cord image is shortened at the bottom.

3. Finally, the lettering on the counterfeit box is thicker than on the real one.

how to identify fake vs real airpods

Let's go inside and see what's in the manual.

The words "Designed by Apple in California" are printed in grey on the authentic AirPods' wrapping cardboard, whereas they are printed in black on the fake.

Aside from the various fonts, the real handbook contains four languages (English, French, Spanish, and Japanese), but the fake manual only has three (English, French, and German).

How to identify a fake airpod

Finally, moving on to the side with the Apple logo, the Apple logo is curvy on the edges, as you can see on the fake box. On the authentic box, the Apple logo has sharp edges.

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Step 8: Technical differences between genuine and counterfeit AirPods.

We'll wrap up our authenticating instruction by pointing you that counterfeit AirPods have technical differences.

This practically goes without saying, given that copycat makers have no intention of exactly reproducing the Apple processors contained within the original AirPods — and, more importantly, they are unlikely to have access to what Apple has created.

Here's what we'll say;

1. The real AirPods connect to your phone faster, and it is predicted that it will take less than 10 seconds to connect the headphones to your phone.

2. AirPods were never made available in any other color except white (for the time being).

3. When connecting to your device, some fake AirPods play a female voice audio clip — Genuine AirPods only produce an Apple-exclusive sound as said earlier.

4. The fake Airpod has short battery life.

5. Obviously, the counterfeit version will not function with locate my AirPods under find my iPhone.

6. Some counterfeit AirPods include a USB-C connection rather than the normal Apple Lightning port.


In summary, we can all see that the counterfeit market has done a very crafty job in imitating Apple's AirPods,

Nevertheless, by taking these few steps we can to some point identify fake from the real AirPods.

And for the most recommended step, I can't specifically point out a method because there are many parameters to look out for when spotting out fake AirPods.

If this guide has helped you, you can share it with your friends and family to save them from falling into the hands of these scammers and guide them on how to identify fake Airpods.

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