How to know if someone's phone is off on iMessage?



April 9, 2024

Sometimes you may try to reach someone on iMessage but need to find out if they are off. You are not alone.

It is always convenient to know that you can quickly tell when a person you are trying to reach has a flat battery or has their phone switched off.

In this guide, we will explore the various ways you can tell if a person's phone is off on iMessage. Now let's get into it.

How do you know if a person's phone is off on iMessage

You can tell if someone's phone is off on iMessage by you not getting a "Delivered" message telling you that your recipient has received your message; this means that every message on iMessage is only delivered when the recipient's phone is on.

For iMessage to work in the first place, both parties must have an iPhone and have iMessage activated.

Check if the "Delivered" label appears after sending your message. Your iMessage has yet to be sent if it is present or blank. Your phone may notify you in specific situations and request that you send the message as an SMS. If so, the process will proceed as stated above.

What happens if iMessage turns green?

Several things can be responsible for your iMessage to turn green. Firstly, your iMessages typically color-coded in blue and green when texting via SMS.

However, if you had a blue-colored conversion which in this case means iMessage, and suddenly it turned green, one of these might be the case;

The user has blocked you:

This is so iMessage does not notify you if you have been blocked on iMessage; rather, you only see and pop-up telling you that that user has blocked you.

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The recipient's phone is off:

Another reason why your iMessage might turn green is if the recipient's phone is off. Your iMessage can also turn green if your phone is off.

They have a flat battery:

This is similar to those mentioned above; if the recipients has a flat battery, you can also have your iMessage turn from blue to green.

Out of range of their cellular network:

Another cause of your getting your iMessage turning from blue to the green might be because the recipient is out of range of their cellular network.

What happens to an iMessage if the phone is off?

In short, if your recipient's phone is off, an iMessage will not say "Delivered"; rather, it will be left blank.

Your iMessage can still go through and be delivered if the recipient has iMessage activated on other devices, e.g., Mac.

Will iMessage turn green if the phone is off?

No, iMessage will not turn green if your recipient's phone is switched off. iMessage will only turn green if it is not enabled on either your iPhone or the recipients.

Will I still get text messages if iMessage is off?

You will be able to receive messages if iMessage is off or not enabled. This will be the traditional message sender, the SMS, which is by default what every mobile phone uses, whether Android or iPhone.

Again you should not that iMessage is only available for iPhone users, and for you to receive messages via iMessage, you must have an iPhone and have iMessage enabled.

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This does not stop the normal text message application from functioning; in most cases, if your iMessage is, for any reason, disabled, your message automatically turns green, indicating that you are messaging via SMS.

Will iMessage say delivered if I'm blocked?

The answer is simply No; you can't even message a user if you have been blocked on iMessage. Sometimes your iMessage might even turn green.

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So far we've been able to establish How to know if someone's phone is off on iMessage. If don't get a "Delivered" message after sending you a message, then it means your message has been delivered.

Following suit, you won't get any read receipt as that is only available on iMessage.

I hope this guide was helpful and answered your questions sufficiently.

Please let us know in the comment section below for any concerns or questions. We read and answer every single comment.

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