Will Tiktok be deleted in 2023 [Find Out Here]



April 9, 2024

Will one of the fastest-growing video apps with over 1 billion active monthly users be deleted in 2023 or the future following some rumors recently that have been around? Then stick around.

Even though the video-sharing app (Tiktok) by BytefDance as of 2020 was reportedly the most downloaded app globally with over 850 million downloads, there have been some rumors here and there as to if the app will be deleted in 2023 or not.

In this post, you will discover if the app will be deleted anytime soon or will stick around for a while.

Will TikTok be deleted in 2023

A straightforward answer to that will be a no, following that the parent company of TikTok ByteDance has not said anything or released any papers concerning the future of the company drawing nigh.

Will TikTok be deleted in 2022

As said earlier, the video-sharing app is not going anywhere anything soon, even though there have been some recent tweets, comments, and rumors about it getting shut down either in the US or UK or even totally.

Why do people think TikTok will be deleted soon?

Many people think or are curious because the TikTok application will be deleted soon or not because there have been some rumors and tweeps lately allegedly saying and suggesting that TikTok will be going soon.

But until now, there has yet to be any official report or press statement from the parent company ByteDance that the Short Video sharing app is ending soon, clearing the air about its remover.

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Is TikTok banned?

In many regions of the world, TikTok is also controversial. A TikTok ban has been implemented in some nations, while others have either sought to block it or put in place interim limits. So, where does TikTok have a ban? What you should know is as follows.

Where is TikTok banned?

Former US President Donald Trump tried unsuccessfully in 2020 to enact a TikTok ban in the US. However, other countries have had greater success in this area.

Although TikTok is still legal in Russia, the country's false news law has caused the service to halt new video uploads for Russian users.

However, TikTok has faced official bans in some countries, like India, Afghanistan, etc.

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Amidst the controversies regarding removing TikTok, officials have that it is false, and the short video-sharing will stay for the time being.

However, the app faces an official ban in some countries for different reasons, including data security threats, war, and inappropriate content.

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