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April 9, 2024

In Crusader Kings 3, you'll need to How to Fabricate Claim in Crusader Kings 3 if you want to extend your realm and start a war.

Perhaps you have a friendly, defenceless neighbour, a large army at your command, and the money to pay mercenaries if things go wrong. The only issue is that you need a claim to the territory you desire.

If you're not used to Crusader Kings 3, the menu system may need to be clarified, and it's simple to lose track of where certain declarations are. Even if you know where to look for them, there are additional steps you must take to initiate them.

This guide, however, will work you through why and how to expand your realm in Crusader Kings 3 by fabricating a claim for a Cassus Belli so you can start conquering new territories.

Let's get into it.

How to Fabricate Claim in Crusader Kings 3

Here's how to fabricate claim in Crusader King 3;

Let us Fabricate a Claim to Get a Cassus Belli.

Fabricate a Claim to Get a Cassus Belli.

In Crusader Kings 3, there are restrictions on when you may declare war, especially if you are a less powerful leader.

To go to war, you need a Casus Belli, and in the Holy Roman Empire, those don't just magically appear for minor Counts or Countesses. Only those territories, counties, or realms to which you have a legitimate right by virtue of marriage or blood should be the subject of your claims. Unpressed claims tend to be more generic.

Making a fabricated claim on land is one of the simplest methods to get a Casus Belli. It will cost you some gold (and anger the actual ruler of the territory), but it will enable you to engage in battle and, perhaps, win.

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Here is How to Fabricate a Claim in Crusader Kings 3

How to Fabricate a Claim in Crusader Kings 3

Sometimes, a tooltip may recommend fabricating a claim; however, unlike some other actions in Crusader Kings 3, you cannot do this by just clicking the tip.

You must go through your council in order to fabricate a claim.

You must first activate your Council overlay. By pressing "F4" or by glancing at the icons on the right side of the screen, you may achieve this. You'll see the light blue icon that brings up your council underneath the red military icon and the green crown icon.

Your Court Chaplain may be found in the top right corner of this screen (or religious equivalent, such as a Bishop). This person serves as the small council's representative for religion.

On their picture, there are a few icons. One seems to be a hand snatching a shield. The "Fabricate a Claim" action is this.

The territory you want them to start preparing a claim form should be clicked after that. The territory, barony, county, etc., must be close enough to your realm to be within diplomatic range for the claim to be fabricated.

When the claim is near, you may check this page again to see how far along your councilor is and how much time remains. The claim will be made quicker, and there will be less negative side effects, such as loss of vassal opinion or an angry target ruler, the better the councilor's learning skills.

What Happens When I Fabricate a Claim in Crusader Kings 3

You will have the choice to accept the false claim after the councilor's progress reaches 100%. You will lose some respect by declining and some gold by doing so. Make sure you are prepared to pay the piper when the falsified claim lawsuit is through since it will cost you in either case.

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You will see that your ruler will have an Unpressed Claim on the region you choose with the action after the activity is finished. Then, using that claim as your Casus Belli, you can declare war on that region. That territory will come under your control if you are successful in winning the battle and enforcing your demands.

This is what is entails when fabricating a claim in Crusader Kings 3 to make a Cassus Belli for battle. Good luck with your victories!

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Final Thought

In this guide, we established how to fabricate a claim in Crusader Kings 3, so you can keep on with your conquest.

I hope this guide was helpful, do leave a comment if you have any questions as we reply to all comments. Thanks for reading.

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