What games are getting deleted in 2023 (Find Out Here)



April 9, 2024

If you're gaming or someone who just loves gaming and wants to know What games are getting deleted in 2023, this post is for you.

Our mobile applications on phones have become one of the necessities in our daily lives; from chatting to working, scheduling, and doing complex activities, one or more apps can do just that.

In this guide, I will answer the curious questions I have been seeing people ask lately on social media about any application getting deleted in 2023.

What games are getting deleted in 2023

Even though we have seen recent rumors about games getting deleted in 2023 and beyond, there has never been an official report or press statement from the parent companies of these games confirming the fact that it is true; this only means that they are all false.

What can cause games to get deleted?

Games or apps, in general, don't get deleted from either Google Playstore or iOS App Store; there are a couple of reasons why any gaming application might get deleted or banned.

You must be very careful and follow the guidelines to avoid infringing them since Google or Apple's penalties range from banning an app to perhaps suspending developer accounts (if you are).

But in this case, we would want to know why gaming apps or any application might get deleted.

The common prohibitions

These platforms take a clear stance against prevalent anti-ethical topics. Sexually explicit material, copying, excessive violence, bullying, racism, prejudice, and its derivatives are prohibited and instantly removed from their platforms.

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If you're creating a solid content app, you must rank it as a +18 app and meet Google's guidelines.

Beware of what you put in your app's description.

The description needs to discuss your application, features, or primary goals.

You are not required to use user reviews or comparable descriptions from other Google Play applications in your app's description. You cannot include disparaging remarks about your rivals or links to external resources unrelated to your project.

Another crucial piece of advice is to use only a few keywords that refer to the name of your program or its features. If you use too many keywords, your app's engagement may suffer, and you may eventually be banned.

Do not offer incentives.

We know you'll want to uncover the simplest technique to enhance app engagement and acquire more downloads and positive reviews. However, there is no way to do it by employing unethical tactics.

Offering rewards in exchange for user ratings or good reviews will result in an automatic suspension and, in extreme cases, account deletion.

About Ads

Like everyone else, Google or Apple dislikes misleading advertisements and has established certain guidelines to prevent them.

Google's rules and conditions restrict deceptive advertising, insufficient communications, and third-party advertisements.

To monetize your app with appropriate (not intrusive) adverts for users, you must use your Android ID appropriately.

Android apps are not immune from adhering to proper copyright and trademark usage guidelines. You or your service providers must have produced each multimedia file you utilize. You must give the content creators credit if you utilize any of their work.

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To ensure that you may commercialize your project, you must pay to utilize files that have copyrights.

In general, those are the main areas where you need to exercise caution. When creating Android apps, remember that knowledge of all circumstances and limitations can help you work more effectively.

Are these rumors true?

Well, it depends, and as you know, a rumor is a rumor until otherwise confirmed and proven beyond reasonable doubt that it is true. If not, it remains false.

So with regards to all the rumors about games getting deleted in 2023, I even stumbled upon one last week on YouTube; it was all a lie. In the video, it is stated that Roblox, Fortnite, Snapchat, etc., to name a few, were going to be deleted, which I know for a fact that it is a lie.

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You can watch the video below.


Apps don't just get deleted, especially when they are huge and have made a name over the years. Until an official press release from Google/Apple or the parent company of these games or apps confirms it remains false and should not be taken seriously.

There are reasons apps can also get deleted by Google/Apple, which is a different case.

I hope this guide answers your question regarding the games getting deleted in 2023 and beyond. Do leave a comment and tell me what you think. Thanks for reading.

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