How to Spot a Fake PS5 (Do it the Easy Way)



April 9, 2024

If you are like me, then you may have, in one way or the other, seen online or heard about the fake PS5. And you may have been wondering, Is it real? Are they available in marketplaces? How can I notice one? And many other questions you might have.

The fake PS5 is real, and they are in marketplaces and are being sold daily to people, but you can be free from getting scammed by these fake manufacturers if you take the precautions discussed in this post.

So in this post, I will describe how and what the fake PS5 looks like, how to spot one immediately, what to look for and how to differentiate between the fake and the original PS5.

What is the fake PS5, and how did it enter the market?

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been available since late 2020; however, due to the pandemic's spike in popularity, it took a lot of work to locate any in stock at stores. Even today, finding a PS5 at market price is challenging, so you naturally wonder whether scammers would try to exploit the supply and demand imbalance and release fake PS5 systems.

Well, they took advantage of the imbalance and made a cloned version of the PlayStation 5 and called it the GS5; interesting.

Are there fake PS5 Consoles?

In short, there are fake PS5 consoles referred to as the GS5, which means Game Station 5. These consoles and everywhere online; you can find them here

There are counterfeit PS5 gaming systems available on the market, particularly online. Almost twice as much as the genuine PS5 system, fake consoles can range in price from $15 to over $1000, depending on the retailer.

You will need to recognize a fake console before giving over your money. Due to the strong demand, retailers frequently sell out of the console, and consumers must resort to third-party dealers to avoid being put on a lengthy waiting list.

How to spot a fake PS5

To put it shortly, the easiest and faster way to immediately spot a fake PS5 is first from the name (GS5, i.e., Gamestation 5)

Secondly, you can spot a fake PS5 by examining the brand packaging. Always check for inconsistencies in the packaging and in the console itself.

Again the fake PS5 consoles are generally small in size and are about half the size of the original PS5 console, making spotting the difference very easy.

Generally, the fake PS5 is very lightweight, considering that they are smaller in size and built.

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How Big Is The Fake PS5?

As a result, the original PS5 measures 39 cm by 26 cm. The fake PS5 is now just half as big as the real one. At such proportions, it might compete with the best mini consoles.

Remembering that this isn't a severe console is vital for us to do (especially for me). It's the type of gift that, as I mentioned at the opening of this essay, would either elicit a chuckle or a punch in the arm on Christmas Day, possibly a funny present used to mask the real thing.

Nevertheless, there are already some games on this device. How many games can it play, then?

What Games Can The Fake PS5 play?

The games packaged on this fake PS5 are a complete waste of time. This Fake PS5 plays 1280 8-bit games that were released on the NES.

I seriously doubt this statistic because there were only 715 games made on the NES, but as I switched it on, all I could think about was, "Where is the bin?"

In truth, we're looking at a device that has duplicated a few titles to produce an impressive-sounding total.

On the fake PS5, games cannot be stored. This implies that regardless of how well you perform in 1280 games, there is no save file or even save state to preserve your progress.

How to prevent yourself from buying a fake PS5 Console

You must be informed to protect yourself and avoid losing your hard-earned money because so many scammers are vying for your patronage. Opportunists frequently buy as many units of a single commodity as possible during supply and demand shortages, only to resale them for a higher price.

Waiting for a restock would be preferable to those who crave the item and are willing to pay the higher price, sometimes even hundreds of dollars more.

This means that fraudsters are more likely to try to sell fake versions of a product to dupe a few gullible buyers the more in demand a product is and the longer it takes to resupply.

You don't need to be unarmed; this strategy applies particularly to electronic devices like game consoles. To avoid wasting money, there are techniques to identify fake PS5 consoles, which are;

Purchase From Reputable Third-Party Vendors

The most crucial choice you can make to prevent being scammed is to purchase from reputable third-party vendors like Walmart or Amazon. If you use a mysterious website you've never heard of or make a deal with an arbitrary person from Craigslist, you're taking a chance.

When $500 or more is taken from you and you are left with a worthless piece of technology, the $30 you think you are saving won't be worth it.

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There are obvious indications of a fake console in person, which will be discussed later. Do your homework before making an online purchase. Social media reviews don't count since they may be manufactured, but if the site has previously deceived someone, there will be a review elsewhere on the internet.

When in doubt, go with the dependable supplier, even if it means paying more or waiting for a resupply.

Make use of secure payment methods.

Although the choice of payment method does not always mean that a vendor is trying to con you, scammers choose those that put little risk to their financial gain.

Unfortunately, especially for online transactions, such payment options also have a tendency to be the simplest to use. If Zelle, PayPal, CashApp, etc., are the only payment options the vendor will accept, this may be a warning sign.

For authorized payments made using their service, Zelle does not provide payment protection, unlike a credit card. Authorized in the sense that, whether or not you ultimately receive what you paid for, you clicked the button to transmit the money.

You will likely need to contact the seller to obtain a refund through PayPal or CashApp. If they still need to deactivate their account after receiving your money in their bank, they may choose to refuse your request.

Observe the branding on the packaging.

The packaging is something that many who nearly fell victim to a fake console scam have often emphasized. Many people pointed out that the box the machine was sent in was unbranded with any reference to PlayStation. You're probably receiving a fake if someone hands you your console's box, which is pure white.

A product that has been opened and taken out of its original packing may have been tampered with or destroyed, even if the seller explains why it is in another packaging. Make sure the box is sealed and has the PlayStation 5 logo.

Become familiar with the console

Most people prepared to purchase a PS5 from a third-party vendor and pay extra have already become familiar with all of the console's features. Although it might seem obvious, the more you understand the console, the simpler it will be to recognize a fake.

Please note that I am only referring to face-to-face interactions. When you purchase something online, you will know what you're getting once it comes; by then, your money may already have gone.

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Suppose you can trade in person and inspect the goods before handing over your money. Many people have pointed out the glaring mistakes with fake consoles, such as different branding on the console itself, different materials and construction, a lack of serial numbers, etc.

Scam PS5 victims have reported getting controllers from earlier consoles, including PlayStation 1 controllers. When inspecting, be thorough.

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Who Are Trustworthy PS5 Console Third-Party Sellers?

You might need to figure out who to believe after reading about how simple it is and how frequently customers are duped. Even well-known choices like eBay often have dubious merchants on their websites. Your first choice should be the PlayStation Store, but if they are out of stock, there are still alternative possibilities.

Here is a list of 5 reliable merchants where you may buy the PS5:

  • Amazon (Always verify seller ratings and reviews)
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • Aliexpress
  • Target
  • GameStop

Call the shop if these stores are presently out of stock to find out when they should anticipate their next shipment and if there is a way to put one on hold if you call back when they are.

Are there fake ps5 controllers, and are they of any good?

There are fake PS5 controllers, which came into the market with the fake PS5 consoles when they first broke into marketplaces in 2020.

The fake PS5 controller is technical, and of no use, except for the fake PS5 console it came with. And the fake PS5 console is just as useless as the initial product (Fake PS4 Console) of these Chinese manuafaters.

If you consider getting the ps5, it should be because of the reason below.

Is the fake PS5 worth buying?

You might want to get the fake PS5 console for any of these reasons; one is that you want to laugh the other is that you want to destroy someone else's dream. Apart from these two reasons, there is no other period.

You can watch the video below to learn more.

Final Thoughts

The fake PS5 is out there with scammers looking for victims to take advantage of. However, the steps, techniques, and strategies to take and look at when getting a PS5 console will save you a lot from falling victim to this fraudster.

While waiting for a restock could be challenging, you will at least be confident that your PS5 system is coming from a reliable source. Visit a retailer's website right now, and you never know.

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